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The Compagnia di San Paolo was founded in Torino in 1563 as a charitable brotherhood and is one of Europe’s most important private foundations.
The current Articles of Association, adopted in the year 2000, specify its purposes: the Foundation participates in society’s activities by pursuing ends that are of public interest and social utility, with the aim of favoring civil, cultural, and economic development in the community in which it is active. Development is thus the goal, but also the criterion according to which the initiatives supported by the Compagnia are evaluated.
The areas in which the Compagnia acts are those of scientific, economic and juridical research; education; art; conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and activities and of heritage sites; health; assistance to the socially deprived categories. These areas of intervention go side by side with interdisciplinary activities, which are more and more needed in order to respond to the complexity of modern life.
The Foundation’s activities are financed with the income produced by the estate over the course of centuries and which the Compagnia has the task to pass on intact to future generations.
The Compagnia is a member of the European Foundation Centre and of ACRI, the Italian Association of  Foundations of banking origin.