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Welfare Policy

The deep transformation of the social-economic context and above all theprogressive reduction in resources during the last few years has brought aboutan evolution in the role of the Compagnia within the local welfare system,opening up possibilities of establishing new ways of dealing with Institutionsand the Third Sector. From a company allocating funds, the Compagnia hasgradually taken up a more dynamic role regarding public and private actors,collaborating more and more as far as policies and ways to intervene areconcerned, in many cases taking a directly operative role itself.

This is what the  Projects of Social Innovation and Programmes is about, which the Social Policies Area of the Compagnia hasbeen promoting since 2002 along themes considered to be socially relevant. Itaims to support, accompany and create opportunities of improvement for peopleand families in difficulty, together with those who handle public policies andthe same beneficiaries of the initiatives, in synergy with Instrumental Bodies,mainly the Ufficio Pio and the Fondazione per la Scuola .


These projects refer to some intervention themes:

  • Paths to social autonomy, including the following projects: Microcredito regionale, LogosApprodo, Dafneil Bandolo, Azioni di contrasto alla crisi occupazionale,Non solo asilo. The Programma Housing is alsopart of  this.
  • Support for the developmental age, including the following projects: Yepp, YEPP sii parte ,  Nomis, Transatlantic Forum On Inclusive Early Years;
  • Development cooperation, including: ( Fondazioni4 Africa e Formazione per lo sviluppo);
  • Promoting local philanthropy and community Foundations


Other experimental projects have been set up within the Protocol of  agreement between the City of Torino,Compagnia di San Paolo and Ufficio Pio of the Compagnia di San Paolo, which delineates the development of actions in favour of people in conditions of social vulnerability, especially those needing housing, developing social accompaniment to win back one’s social, economic and work autonomy.

Part of the ordinary activities of the Social Policies Area is handling the grant applications, as well as selecting some Bodies to which assure support for institutional activity.

Finally, the Compagnia is committed to qualifying the activities of the special Funds for Voluntary Work -  to which it contributes together with other foundations of banking origin – and to continue the Progetto Sud, within the protocol of agreement between ACRI and the Forum of the Third Sector/Voluntary Sector, which the Fondazione per il Sudwas created to be part of and of which the Compagnia is one of the founders.

Operative methods and procedures are used which make it possible to select applications on the basis of comparative criteria, such asannouncements, guidelines, calls for proposals and so on.

To make the procedure more efficient a single deadline has been set for 2013 for submitting grant applications for projects regarding Social Policies.

More information on the activities of the Social Policies Area is available in the document


Planning Guidelines 2014 - Social Policy


Network project Dafne

04.06.2014 - Torino

The Compagnia helps and supports victims of crime with its network project: Dafne

Thursday 5th June 2014 at 9.00 Luca Remmert is opening the national convention on welcoming, listening, repairing damage and preventing post-traumatic stress of crime victims  at the Sala Auditorium  of the Provincia di Torino.

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