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Special Funds for Voluntary Work and for the Fondazione con il Sud

The Compagnia’s commitment to Special Funds for Voluntary Work and for the Fondazione con il Sud

According to paragraph 15 of law no. 266/1991 on voluntary work and the later implementation decree dated 8/10/1997, foundations of banking origin must give annual donations to the Special Regional Funds for Voluntary Work. Furthermore, foundations appoint members to the Management Committees (the bodies inside each region which administer Special Funds,in turn assigning contributions to the Service Centres for Voluntary Work and  which set up call for proposals in order tosupport projects within the so-called “social planning” project.)

The Service Centres which ultimately receive the funds must support and qualify the organisations of voluntary work favouring their development, growth, professionalism, managerial and initiative skills.

At the moment the Compagnia has representatives in the Management Committee of the following regions: Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria, Sardinia, Molise, Apulia, Campania, Basilicata, Sicily, Calabria.

The Compagnia committed over € 5.6 million to Special Funds for Voluntary Work in the budget year 2010.

As well as the economic contribution the Compagnia takes part actively in various activities in which the experience and creativity of its offices act as triggers to others engaged in voluntary work. According to the ACRI agreement on voluntary work dated 23 June 2010 the Compagnia is actively involved in social planning in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria.

The 2005 protocol of agreement between ACRI ( www.acri.it), foundations of banking origin and permanent Forum of the Third Sector ( www.forumterzosettore.it) gave way to a national project for the promotion and support of the development of the civil society and third sector in the southern regions, turning into the Fondazione con il Sud www.fondazioneperilsud.it in 2006.

In budget year 2010 the Compagnia, which is a founding partner and which appoints a member to the Board of Directors of the Fondazione con il Sud, allocated over €2.2 million to the Foundation.

For more information about national and regional laws, national agreements and how Special Funds for Voluntary Work are used please see the following sites: National council forManagement Committees of Special Funds for Voluntary Work www.consultacoge.it, National Coordination of Service Centres for Voluntary Work www.csvnet.it. Links are available to all the Management Committees and Service Centres for Voluntary Work, as well as to studies and research into the world of voluntary work.