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Urban Center Metropolitano: the new showroom opens to the public

Urban Center Metropolitano

Torino - 15.03.2012

On Wednesday 21 March at 18.00, together with Angelo Benessia and Carlo Olmo, the Mayor Fassino will present the new spaces in Piazza Palazzo di Città 8/F to the public.
The opening to the public and all visitors to the public offices in front of Turin City Hall represents an important milestone for the Urban Center Metropolitano, created in September 2005 – through an agreement between the City of Turin, the Compagnia di San Paolo and Turin International – and independent since June 2010.
The spaces of the Piazza Palazzo di Città have been set up as a place for debate, with information about the architecture and the urban transformation of Turin and the metropolitan area, housing a permanent but constantly up-dated exposition, meetings, debates and temporary exhibitions, besides a staffed information point dedicated to the metamorphosis of the city. A critical, open-minded new “ window”, thought out to encompass contemporary and future urban transformation, in a central location deeply symbolic of Turin.
Throughout the first six years of its life, the Urban Center has carried out a lot of initiatives to  support the administrative bodies and other public and private organizations in the region, working on urban and architectural projects relevant to the future of the metropolitan areas of Turin, putting itself forward as a tool for the research, promotion and development of architectural themes and urban debate and promoting awareness, participation and dialogue between economic, social and cultural groups involved in the renewal of the city.