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Supporting local solidarity networks: community philanthropy

Community social responsibility: this is the objective pursued by the Compagnia to encourage a culture of generosity and widespread philanthropy, by making its resources and its skills available to potential donors. Selected actions will be supported for the establishment of networks and partnerships among local social and economic operators. In order to foster the participation of professional associations and other potential donors, the Compagnia shall allocate funds to organize training initiatives and the dissemination of best practices. Lastly, the Compagnia will ensure the continuity of donations on behalf of families and individuals, true to its historical tradition. As regards territorial philanthropy, the Compagnia will participate in the establishment of new Community Foundations in the areas of reference, supporting but not exerting too much pressure on potential local actors. All efforts on the part of Community Foundations to acquire more professional skills will also be encouraged. Great emphasis will be placed on the quality and effectiveness of fundraising activities and the ability to activate additional resources issued from their area of reference.