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A project that listens and gives support to crime victims.


The project's goal is to create a systemic network, both formal and informal, for crime victims that accommodates and listens to them, offers legal advice and access to crime victims' rights, and helps prevent victims' post-traumatic disorders by:


- connecting and coordinating crime victim initiatives that already exist in the area ;

- offering legal advice before, during and after the investigation and legal proceedings;

- activating Centres to accommodate, counsel and treat crime victims;

- creating a data bank of services and psychological, legal, social and material help;

- organising specific courses to increase awareness and train members of the legal system, the police force and the health and social services sectors.


People who turn to the justice system after becoming a victim of a crime, regardless of their age, sex, nationality, religion, or social and economic standing. In the early phase of the project, the Centre is open to residents of Turin and the metropolitan outskirts and agents and people involved in Public Safety of this same area.


The project includes the following activities:


- accommodate victims
- legal information regarding victims' rights
- psychological counselling
- assistance
- mediation
- training and increasing the awareness of sector workers
- psychiatric and/or clinical psychological help.


Province of Turin (Councillorship of Social Solidarity, as project coordinator)
City of Turin (Councillorships of the Municipal Police force, Social Services, Youth Policies); "Giulio Maccararo" Department of Mental Health for ASL Torino 2; Prefecture of Turin, Social Service Unit; Associazione Gruppo Abele; Associazione Ghenos.


Angela Lostia: angela.lostia@alice.it