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Interventions in the health sector take place through the funding of various projects, aimed above all at purchasing innovative equipment for research, diagnosis and therapy. A lesser but still consistent part goes to studying new managerial models in the health area. Even though the amount of interventions does not match the regional health service’s needs and is much lower than the budget set aside for health, it is beyond doubt that in the past years they have served to promote top sectors of medicine and surgery, significantly raising levels of innovation.

Between 2013 and 2016 the Compagnia’s work programme on health and the health service will be characterized by high selectivity and a tighter correlation with translational research.
Interventions eligible for support  will therefore have to be focused on the local territory (large hospitals in the Torino area) and themes (managerial and organizational experiments pertaining to the introduction of technologies, or the purchase of  innovative equipment).

All actions will have to be co-ordinated with the l’Assessorato alla Tutela della Salute e Sanità della Regione Piemonte both for programming and financing.
Regarding the purchase of research, diagnostic and therapy equipment it is important to remember that the structural modernisation of hospital centres is one of the pre-requisites for improvement, in which the choice of equipment and its collocation must be integrated with optimization of use and maintenance.   Requests regarding technological innovation must therefore highlight the appropriateness of their use, accessibility of the technologies and estimate of needs compared to existing structures and personnel available.


In this regard, the Compagnia di San Paolo has set a single deadline for 2014 for the presentation of contribution requests regarding innovation technologies by healthcare companies in the Torino area. By 31st March 2014 a hard copy must be delivered to the Compagnia (previously formalized and sent via normal ROL procedure), original copies signed by the legal representative, according to the instructions in the section how to present contribution requests.


Regarding new managerial and organizational models the Compagnia will encourage projects for new decision-making and organizational solutions in regional healthcare. Healthcare companies in fact need to improve their ability to plan and monitor the results of the activity in economic  and service terms.


Health: deadline 31st March

10.02.2014 - Torino

Health: deadline for research, diagnosis and healing equipment 31st March

The Compagnia di San Paolo has again set an overall 2014 deadline for grant requests regarding technological innovation from health service centres in the local area.

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