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The Generazione Creativa call for proposals was published in 2011 with the purpose of stimulating new talent sin the field of visual arts, architecture and design and of identifying and developing the creative potential in the territory.

With a financial commitment of Euro 445,400, twenty projects have been supported with young people directly involved in the realization of initiatives displaying artistic creativity.

Of the 20 selected organizations, 14 are managed by governing bodies that consist 60% of young people between 18 and 35 years of age.

In a year’s work, over 400 creative people (with an average age of 32) have been involved, more than 450 activities have been accomplished, and almost 7,000 people have taken part in the events.

The positive outcome of Generazione Creativa and the experience that the Compagnia has built on this initiative will constitute the strategic platform from which to develop further the creative proposals coming from the territory and their transformation in future years.

The Compagnia intends to develop three strategic lines:

  • 1)     A reflection on the theme of living, the city, and the sharing of experiences through contemporary art, in order to extend the Compagnia’s range of action with a new perspective towards the improvement of the quality of life in urban and social spaces.
  • 2)     An enhancement of planning skills, of professional competence, and entrepreneurial skills in new association experiences that are formed by young artists and creatives, and are committed to developing young contemporary creativity.
  • 3)     Residency experiences and shared-creativity initiatives, directly arising from artists and creatives, primarily directed towards other young creatives, with a direct approach and on equal terms, other than from the involvement of other players of the system.