Compagnia di San Paolo new Articles of Association approved

The next ‘Consiglio Generale’ will have 17 members while the Committee will have five

History of Compagnia di Santa Elisabetta o dell’Umiltà

Fondazione 1563 invites scholars from diff erent areas of knowledge to submit research proposals for the publication of a volume on the history of Compagnia di Santa Elisabetta o dell’Umiltà (Turin, 16th – 20th c.)

2014 Torino and Alps Call for Applied Research

As part of the Torino and the Alps programme, the Compagnia di San Paolo is opening a call for applied research for the economic and social development of the Alpine areas of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta

a great dance festival

The  Torinodanza Parade is a major dance festival being held on July 6th in Torino and on September 14th in Lyon. More than a year’s work, with contributions from 1,000 participants, 4 Puppet Theatre Companies and 21 associations of dancers, alumni, flag-wavers and circus artists

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